Wherein we discuss how linguistics is everywhere but linguists are nowhere, and introduce the concept of the unsolicited etymology swear jar.

Jump right to:

  • 01:33 “Universal” word lists, bad puns, and university “field work” stories
  • 07:25 What composes an accent? What counts as a dialect? What about “little kid speak”?
  • 24:16 What are the most valuable ways linguistics can improve society?
  • 45:45 Favorite ridiculous etymologies
  • 54:31 The puzzler: What do the words JOB, POLISH, and HERB have in common?

Covered in this episode:

  • We love Car Talk
  • Dialects and accents often overlap but are not the same thing
  • Dialects and registers also often overlap but are not the same thing
  • Obligatory “A language is just a dialect with an army and a navy.”
  • Linguistics After Dark has no official positions on contentious geopolitical issues
  • Understanding the value of descriptivism and the reality of language evolution
  • Hot takes on regional identity in the UK vs North America vs California
  • Why don’t journalists know that linguists exist?
  • “It has nothing to do with financial advising, and everything to do with geese”, or “how Sarah had previously told this story and wishes she’d said it on mic”
  • OK is the only acronym etymology that’s all correct

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And until next time… if you weren’t consciously aware of your tongue in your mouth, now you are :)