LxAD LIVE @ CrossingsCon 2022

Wherein we #GiveLinguistsSwords.

Two notes about this episode:

  • This recording cut out a lot of background noise and claps/cheers, so if there is a weird volume jump up or down, it’s us doing our best to keep the audio listenable.
  • We also have a rich text transcript, since there are a lot of non-English words and word mentions in this episode, and our normal plaintext transcript can’t do italics.

LxAD LIVE @ #LingFest

Wherein we are LIVE.

Check out the events from #LingFest 2021 at https://lingcomm.org/lingfest, and get hype for CrossingsCon 21: Slipping Sideways, running from August 1-8 on Gather, with more information at https://crossingscon.org. Our show has not been assigned a time slot yet, but we’ll make sure to announce it as soon as we have one!

Episode 2: Juno's Geese

Wherein we discuss how linguistics is everywhere but linguists are nowhere, and introduce the concept of the unsolicited etymology swear jar.

Episode 1: Batman's Batsman

Our very first episode, answering real language questions from real listeners! And boy do we live up to our no-research policy. (What is the truth about bubblers? TEACH THE CONTROVERSY!)