Wherein we make wugability happen and invoke rule three.

Jump right to:

  • 3:40 The Part Where We Say The Title
  • 20:22 Are clicks consonants?
  • 30:22 Why do people like some words and hate others?
  • 43:53 An uncharacteristically serious discussion about conversational styles and their relation or lack thereof to gender
  • 65:18 The puzzler: What do the words ASSESS/BANANA/DRESSER/GRAMMAR/POTATO/REVIVE/UNEVEN/VOODOO have in common?

Covered in this episode:

  • The parts of linguistics we secretly don’t like
  • The ablaut of yeet
  • An inadvertent All The Stations shoutout
  • Jenny just says Walrus
  • Send us law questions!
  • The official LxAD Linguistics Hot Takes
  • Clicks, Ingressives, Ejectives, and… the other ones
  • Aaron/Erin is the new Mary/marry/merry
  • Phonesthemes
  • Bubu and Kiki
  • Our show notes have research!
  • Words are fake, but there’s a spectrum of reality
  • It’s like chai, but coffee
  • Meta language is important even for laypeople!
  • High school teachers know the dank memes of today—sometimes
  • If you say the food “herb” with an “h” you’re wrong but valid
  • Optimality theory easter egg?

Links and other post-show thoughts:

  • The original Wug Test by Jean Berko Gleason
  • So far Sarah has not found the German study that she referenced, but has learned a lot about The Discourse around what constitutes irregularity in German. If you have information about this, let us know!
  • ⟨snuck⟩ is indeed newer than ⟨sneaked⟩
  • Ohio 2
  • Choose your favorite wug plural
  • JBG’s Wug Store
  • Vowels are still a hot mess
  • The Other Consonants are called pulmonic consonants, which means that technically ejectives and ingressives are also not made using air from your lungs. We learned a thing.
  • Phonesthemes are super cool!
  • Bubu and kiki are also super cool!
  • Another optimality theory joke
  • There are new episode-specific highlights on our Instagram, with fancy highlight art!

Ask us questions:

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And until next time… if you weren’t consciously aware of your tongue in your mouth, now you are :)