Wherein we frequently get off topic and get angry at Les Immortels.

Jump right to:

  • 1:08 Things Sarah Is Mad About Once She Did the Show Notes
  • 3:39 Linguistic Thing of the Day: Borrowing!
  • 8:00 L’Académie Française is annoying
  • 22:27 Are there languages other than Irish that have the concept of helping vowels?
  • 33:51 How do linguistic rules emerge?
  • 51:36 Canadian raising! What actually is it?
  • 1:09:00 The puzzler: Why are these birds flying in from different directions?

Covered in this episode:

  • A very hardcore church named All Souls Parish
  • Calques vs loanwords
  • Sarah mispronouncing the Spanish word for “avocado”
  • Epenthetic schwa and syllabic consonants
  • Should linguists get swords?
  • L’Académie Française does not know how language works
  • Anglish
  • Languages are not mathematical constructs
  • How phonetic inventories and stress patterns differ between languages
  • Lenition isn’t lazy, it’s economical!
  • Pidgins are not pigeons (though neither has syntax)
  • Linguistic redundancy
  • Adopting children and/or giving them piggyback rides
  • Vowels are like a shopping cart, or maybe a trombone
  • Whitney Houston
  • Emordnilaps

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