Wherein we announce some upcoming live events! Hello, and welcome to Linguistics After Dark! I’m Sarah, and this not really an episode—it’s another teaser for next week’s live show at CrossingsCon: Slipping Sideways. At 7pm New York time, Tuesday August 3rd, we’ll be doing a live episode with real questions from real audience members! That’s you!

The convention is free to attend, and throughout the rest of the week, your beloved podcast team (that’s us!) will be participating in several other cool events as well!

On Wednesday August 4th, at 8pm New York time, Eli will be running a pub-quiz-style general knowledge trivia game for anyone who wants to attend.

On Friday August 6th, at 6pm New York time, Eli will also be joining writers CB Lee, Ursula Vernon, and Cat Valente to play Baron Munchausen, a wild and ridiculous semi-cooperative story-telling game.

Then I’ll be hosting and Jenny will be appearing on a panel about the creation and use of conlangs, currently scheduled for 8pm New York time on Friday August 6th. That one might change, so keep an eye on the website.

And finally, as promised in our last live show, Eli and I will join our friend Dash to talk about the linguistics and archaelogy of the game Heaven’s Vault. We’ll be doing that on Saturday August 7th, at 7pm New York time.

We hope to see you at as many of these events as possible, and we welcome you to check out crossingscon.org/events to get a full run-down of the whole convention. Thanks!

And if you weren’t consciously aware of your tongue in your mouth… now y’are :)